Cyber & hybrid security specialist

Kieren is a cybersecurity specialist, who specialises in Incident Response (CSIRT/CERT) and real-time cybersecurity simulations and live gathering exercises. 

Prior to starting at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Kieren was the Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the University of Cambridge. He was also the Chief Radio (CIS) Supervisor & a Battlewatch Captain for Standing NATO Maritime Group One, with the Royal Norwegian Navy on operations in the Gulf of Aden, mitigating the pirate threat. 

He was in the Royal Navy as a Communications and IT Specialist for twelve years, serving on Nuclear Submarines, Mine Hunters, and Patrol vessels, before he left on new adventures. 

He is currently working with the following organisations


University of Cambridge (Pembroke & King's Summer Programme)
  • OSINT & Social Engineering exercise and education programme

Cranfield University
  • Masters Programme (Incident Response) module
Startup Wise Guys

  • Startup cybernorth - inhouse Mentor

  • Private hybrid and cybersecurity consulting