Cyber Pub Quiz

As everyone has been isolated, we might all be having a problem with socialising in this new environment, it's important to keep busy and to engage in social situations as best we can, in a safe way.

So, let's socialise, but online. Let's have a Cyber Pub Quiz!

All skillsets and teams welcome!

Starts at:
  • Friday 27th March 1800 Tallinn Time
  • Friday 27th March 1600 UK Time
  • Saturday 28th March 02:30 Adelaide Time
Quiz Format:
Max five people per team. You'll be sent a zoom link for you to distribute to your team and a Kahoot! link

Good Luck!

Three prizes that will assist you and your team during your lock-in!
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Connection Timezone
Social distancing Tips
COVID-19 Security Alert - UK

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How long takes the quiz? I'm really interested to join up, but with my two little rascals in the house, it will be difficult not to give them attention for hours... (Erwin, March 27, 2020)
No worries, I will allocate you all a team (Kieren Lovell, March 25, 2020)
I don't have a team either but I guess Kieren will take care of that ;) (k11, March 23, 2020)
Hi, I'll probably be rubbish but would love to do this. Anyone else that's interested and wants to form a team? (Eric Marcus, March 23, 2020)

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