How to: TeXStudio and LanguageTool

As I write manuals, technical documentation, and the occasional academic paper quite often the benefits of using LaTeX become clearer and clearer with each day. Especially when you try to get the typesetting right in standard word processors. 
However, one thing that does come up a lot is not the learning curve of how to use LaTeX, but more: It lacks a grammar checking tool. Since this question has popped up quite a few times, I thought I would write a quick blog on how to get LanguageTool (like Grammarly) and TeXstudio up and running.

Step One

Install TeXstudio from your Linux Distro's (I am assuming at this point, you already have texlive installed).
sudo zypper install texstudio
Step Two

Download the LanguageTool Desktop Offline version here (Java 8 or more needs also to be installed, but comes as standard 99% of the time)

Step Three

Unpack the folder into a sensible place for you. In this example, I have used my home folder. Remember the location.

Step Four

In TeXstudio, go to options > configure TeXstudio

Step Five

Click language checking. Make sure the configuration page settings is the same as the screenshot below, changing location of languagetool-server.jar to where you placed it in step three. The example on the LanguageTool website says to use languagetool.jar. This is incorrect. Use languagetool-server.jar

Step Six

Restart your machine.

Step Seven

Open TeXstudio and look for the LT logo at the bottom. If you can see it, you are good to go!

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