Social distancing Tips

Well, well, well... Corona.

For most countries now across the globe, a lot of Governments are now recommending distancing yourself physically from the rest of society. This means that you are, if you can, to work from home, restrict travel, and stay at your home as much as possible.

So, what can a cybersecurity specialist who is stuck in the Baltic states gonna blog about in regards to this outbreak, and how will he be able to provide helpful advice? Well, before my career into the wonderful world of virtual viruses, I was in the Navy deployed on Submarines, Mine-hunters and Frigates.

You'll be pleased to hear this isn't about cyber hygiene advice, more about "how to stay sane".

Whilst I was in the Navy for thirteen years, for over seven of them I was deployed within a rusty tin can (also known as a 'Submarine or a Ship'), unable to escape and living in close proximity to people for long periods of time, without social interaction from the outside world. We were and are all responsible for maintaining morale during those difficult conditions. This is effectively what everyone is now doing. It isn't personal isolation, it's social avoidance. The end result is that you may fall into two categories:

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