Right Tool, Right Job: How the UK lost 16,000 UK positive COVID cases using Excel.... (you read that right)

H.M. Government is about to have an extra boost to their COVID-19 figures. That is, they have found out that there is an additional 16,000 positive COVID-19 cases that they haven't accounted for. Why? Because the software they are using to make sure the figures are correct and verified to base the UK wide COVID-19 Crisis Response Plan is... a simple, Excel spreadsheet [1].

Yep, you read that yet. It's a manual spreadsheet. 
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Don't look! It's Secure VOTING! I promise!

Voatz, an American company, advertises itself beautifully. 

In true tech fashion, it states that they offer;
Secure, accessible voting at your fingertips".

In the US, online voting has used by some overseas voters and military personnel, that cannot vote in person or via postal ballot. [2]

Don't worry peeps, I'm not going to publish any security problems or anything like that. I would not do well in jail. Let's be fair, I would be passed around like currency in the shower room.

However, I will say this.

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How to: TeXStudio and LanguageTool

As I write manuals, technical documentation, and the occasional academic paper quite often the benefits of using LaTeX become clearer and clearer with each day. Especially when you try to get the typesetting right in standard word processors. 
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Quiz Night Mark 3!

That time again!

Friday, 1800 Estonian time, 1600 UK Time (24th April!)

This weeks topic is Music, Truth or Lie, and General Knowledge... with a twist.

Bonus points to the best Eurovision dressed team! Additionally, you are to practice your singing skills. Each team is to sing a song from Eurovision. You have to guess what they are singing! One point for Title, One point for Artist name, One point for Country!

See you there!

I'll send you the Zoom link, and access to your Google Quiz sheets (where you can also chat among your team) at 1500 EST (1300 UK time)
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Quiz Night!

The lockdown continues.....

So, let's socialise, but online. Let's have another online Cyber Pub Quiz!

All skillsets and teams welcome! This weeks topic is "Travel". You remember? Travel? The thing we used to do!

Starts at:
  • Friday 17th April 1800 Tallinn Time
  • Friday 17th April 1600 UK Time
  • Saturday 18th April 00:30 Adelaide Time
Quiz Format:
Max five people per team.

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COVID-19 Security Alert - UK

Yesterday, HM Government sent a security alert to all UK Mobile subscribers telling them of the new Social Distancing regulations.

The message looked like this:

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Cyber Pub Quiz

As everyone has been isolated, we might all be having a problem with socialising in this new environment, it's important to keep busy and to engage in social situations as best we can, in a safe way.

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Social distancing Tips

Well, well, well... Corona.

For most countries now across the globe, a lot of Governments are now recommending distancing yourself physically from the rest of society. This means that you are, if you can, to work from home, restrict travel, and stay at your home as much as possible.

So, what can a cybersecurity specialist who is stuck in the Baltic states gonna blog about in regards to this outbreak, and how will he be able to provide helpful advice? Well, before my career into the wonderful world of virtual viruses, I was in the Navy deployed on Submarines, Mine-hunters and Frigates.

You'll be pleased to hear this isn't about cyber hygiene advice, more about "how to stay sane".

Whilst I was in the Navy for thirteen years, for over seven of them I was deployed within a rusty tin can (also known as a 'Submarine or a Ship'), unable to escape and living in close proximity to people for long periods of time, without social interaction from the outside world. We were and are all responsible for maintaining morale during those difficult conditions. This is effectively what everyone is now doing. It isn't personal isolation, it's social avoidance. The end result is that you may fall into two categories:

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Glad to be part of the #SpectX Team

As well as working for TalTech University of Technology and King's and Pembroke college (University of Cambridge), I'm pleased to say I now work as part of the excellent log analytical company, SpectX
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Exercise NEPTUNE wins first prize in ICR

Chief of Staff LtCol Lantenhammer had the honour to present the main award, a great ticket to CyCon 2020 for the best ICR 2019 conference paper by Kieren Niĉolas Lovell and Dan Heering "Exercise Neptune: Maritime Cybersecurity Using the Navigational Simulator" Congratulations and see you at #CyCon!

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